SATURDAY KITCHEN is a new personal project for 2017, in which I will be illustrating one ingredient a week which is new and/or a staple in my kitchen. This is as I shift towards a lot more food illustration and some very exciting cookbook related projects in the coming year. 

The first of my Saturday Kitchen ingredients is Black Garlic, or Ajo Negro as I've come to think of it since my lovely mother brought some back from Spain for me to try. 
I'm always interested in the history of ingredients and whilst black garlic has recently enjoyed popularity in cheffy circles, it's origin actually goes way back to ancient Korea where it was considered both a way of preserving fresh garlic but also honoured for it's healing properties. 

Personally, I've been enjoying it smushed to a pulp with my other new favourite, miso and a bit of ginger and using it as a base for Asian inspired soups and marinades.
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