The Designer/Maker project is a collaboration of adults living with mental health difficulties to produce unique hand-printed homewares to be sold in Oriel Wrecsam’s Siop/Shop. As part of Oriel Wrecsam's off-site engagement programme, I worked as lead artist, in association with Advance Brighter Futures, a mental health charity based in North Wales to lead a series of workshops with adults facing a range of mental health challenges. 

Throughout the workshops the group learnt to screen-print and then apply their designs onto hand-made ceramics which were then sold in the gallery shop, with the money going back into funding the next series of workshops. The artwork was produced by the group, inspired by the nature and beauty of North Wales. 

These drawings were then translated into screen-prints onto transfer paper and then applied to the ceramics. I selected the colour palette and assisted the group in creating their compositions on the plates, spoons, and bowls.

You can find out much more about the project on the blog, and watch this space for the Designer Maker Project 2016 where we will be creating cushions and lampshades based on architectural detail in North Wales!
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