As part of Literature Wales Roald Dahl 100 celebrations, I worked with the Young People's Poet Laureate for Wales, Sophie Mckeand to devise and organise a treasure hunt around our town inspired by the books of Roald Dahl. We ran writing, planning and screen-printing workshops at a local school's parents group, coming up with the route for the treasure hunt, selecting each venue to be based on one of Dahl's books.
We then reached out to the wider community, engaging creatives from the town as well as local families in a planning 'fun day' in which we screen printed maps, bags, bunting, constructed a giant peach and came up with poems and clues to lead to each station. 
The final event was held on the 24th September 2016, in celebration of Roald Dahl day, and the treasure hunt was attended by dozens of families and was a great success! 
At the starting point, Mischief Marchers were given a screen printed map and goodie bag to fill along the route. They encountered ladybirds, giant peaches, story-tellers, a wolf's den, a library filled with wonder, a very fantastic fox, some nasty farmers, mud pie, wicked witches, worm spaghetti and much more. Each mischief station required a skilful act or riddle to be solved for the Mischief Maker to receive a sticker on their map and given the clue to the next mischief station. 
The aim was to bring people together to connect with their town through fun activities based on the imagination of Wales' finest story teller. Through doing so we discovered that it brought different generations together through their own childhood memories of the stories, as it seems Roald Dahl's timeless and magnifitrump tales have the ability to connect with people of all ages!
Photography by Pete Rogers. 
Mrs Trunchbull rounds up the masses.
Mischief Marchers signing up and gathering their bags and maps. 
Our storyteller delights with a riveting rendition of Roald Dahl's Revolting Rhymes. 
Mischief Marchers in the Storyteller's Den.
An array of sweet delights on display in the 'Glass Elevator'. We worked with a local chocolatier to create limited edition fizzing chocolates which were collected on the treasure hunt. 
Willy Wonka assists a Mischief Marcher in arranging cupcakes to form the clue to the next mischief station. 
The Grand High Witch and her villainous assistant try to lure children to drink their wicked potion. 
The Witches' very sinister Formula 86. 
Mrs Twit awaits victims to try her 'worm spaghetti' in the Butcher's Market. 
A very Fantastic Mr Fox charms visitor's to his Fox's Den.
Boggis with his fox tail neck tie after being splatted by a mud pie. 
Miss Honey waits for mischief marchers to return and try her snozzcumbers and 'Pin the Ear on the BFG'. 
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