"Babcia (noun) meaning 'grandmother' in Polish"

Poland is a land of tradition and custom, protected by the proud character of her resilient people. Despite shifting borders, and various occupations they have retained a strong sense of identity, and these grandmothers especially, are a portrait of their times. They carry tradition and recipes through from one generation to the next and so play an important role in the preservation of these customs. 

My book is presented in two halves, through the customs and recipes of two generations of grandmothers within the same family. These two babcias, both quite different, one is mother to the other. She is traditional, Catholic and conventional, whilst her daughter is modern, more dynamic and takes shortcuts in the kitchen.
 Despite the cultural and lifestyle differences of these two women what they have in common is their desire to cook and care for their family, from huge batches of dumplings to simple warming soups; Babcia’s kitchen is a place of comfort and custom.

I created the concept, text, illustrations and hand-bound this book with screen-printed 
cloth cover and end papers.  
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