In spring, 2016 I was invited for an artist residency at the fantastic, vibrant, Ruthin Craft Centre where I enjoyed 2 weeks of experimental textile printing, drawing, and led many, many drop in screen-printing workshops for visitors to the Craft Centre. It was a brilliant opportunity and I really enjoyed spending many late nights printing in the spacious studio and taking inspiration from the nature and architecture of the surrounding area. This was a formative time for my print-making practise and it was wonderful to play with texture, colour, and geometric shape. At this time I was enjoying the freedom of printing with paper stencils and creating large, unplanned designs on textiles, and building up layers and shapes screen by screen. I am very grateful for the chance to come and play in such a free and unhindered way with print-making, and the many children and young people I collaborated with during the residency have had a lasting impact on the way I work. They reminded me to play and experiment and most of all, to enjoy the process, with a child-like sense of wonder!

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