In the Autumn of 2016 I spent time working in residence in 3 Flintshire primary schools, responding to the theme of "Our World". I worked with year 3 students to create interactive screen-printed maps of a local park. 
Using Wepre Park as a starting point, and involving a site visit to the park, we learnt of the many plants, trees and animals that call the park and home and the students created stencils and drawings to collage onto a screen-printed map showing a section of the park. 
I then recorded the children reading out their facts and findings about the animals and plants, and these were played out when 'interactive' buttons were pressed on the map.
 I used BareConductive touch sensitive ink to create screenprinted buttons and wired this up to a MakeyMakey to run the sound recordings. The three maps were installed in the Education Gallery at Theatr Clwyd and were seen by hundreds of theatre goers over the course of a month. 
It was a wonderful experience to work in 3 more schools in North Wales and to collaborate with so many talented and enthusuastic young artists!

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